Listen, I love my cup of “joe” as much as the next girl…and I’ve already given up all the syrups & whipped cream toppings you can find at a local coffee bar. Can coffee really be a reason why my belly is less flat than a supermodel’s?

Turns out, the answer is “yes”.

Here’s why:

Caffeine stimulates your adrenal glands—which puts you in a state of “fight or flight”. It energizes you.

Our bodies are so intelligent that we are designed to experience this energy each morning as we wake up and greet a new day. We do this by releasing cortisol (a hormone) from our adrenal glands. And your adrenals were born knowing just how much and when to release it!

But if you are using coffee or another caffeine containing stimulant to get that “energy”, you may have stifled your normal response. A heavy coffee “user” loses the natural ability to regulate cortisol from the adrenals and ends up with low levels in the mornings (until they are artificially spiked with coffee).

Studies have shown that you will also end up with high cortisol levels at mealtimes which causes a stress response and overeating. And on top of that, cortisol changes the way that blood sugar is regulated. So, your body ends up with crazy blood sugar levels, and insulin response and tries to package up that sugar as pretty little “fat blobs” in not so great places—like your belly.

This leads to weight gain.

More bad news…

Irregular cortisol levels also mess with your sleep patterns because a high level of cortisol at night is energizing and disruptive to healthy, restorative sleep! And remember…your adrenals don’t remember how or when to do their job anymore because they’ve been micromanaged & poked and prodded by caffeine for so long to do their job at inconvenient times that they’ve “forgotten” when you’re supposed to be able to “chill”.

So what’s a coffee-loving girl to do?

Cut it out girlfriend. Get in touch with your inner energy. Have some non-caffeinated herbal or green tea that tastes yummy. And in the process…get your flat tummy!

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