This is a fun…semi-uncomfortable topic to address. Have you ever walked around thinking “If only I could lose 10 pounds, I would be happier…” or “If only I had a boyfriend, I could move forward in life…” or “If I made more money I would finally be able to do the things I want to do…”?

I have…and if I look closely enough at my life and I’m honest, I can say that I still do this from time to time even though I recognize how it is limiting.

I’ve placed lots of conditions on my happiness in my lifetime. It started in school with grades and then it jogged over to my weight. Of course, the boyfriend/significant other thing is right out my life story as well (I was late to arrive on the dating scene…). And I even continued this thread with my finances when I started working and when I started showing horses, the happiness literally “rode” on my successes or failures in the show ring or the riding arena.

The nice thing about this era of my life is that I can look back on these “conditions” and times of my life and realize now what was going on. I was avoiding. The parameters I set for “happiness” were just a way to distract myself from really “being” in the moment and fully enjoying my life. I had a pattern of withholding happiness—from myself! Do you know anyone who does that?

Now that I’m older and I’ve recognized some personal patterns…it’s powerful to let them go if they don’t serve me.

Holding back on my happiness no longer serves me.

Being fully self-expressed in my life and my work is amazing and fulfilling.

What patterns are you ready to tie up in a pretty little bow and send on their way?