Whatever your goals may be, venturing into a holistic lifestyle means addressing life’s issues from the inside out! There are no shortcuts in life and while oils are a healthy complement to a healthy lifestyle, they are just THAT…an additional piece! What does a holistic lifestyle look like? How can it center you and open doors for you? Being holistic means considering the “Whole Person”…body, mind and spirit.

Here’s a fun exercise that I used while I was transforming my life (and I come back to this each month). It’s called the Circle of Life. All you need to do is place points close to the outer edge of the circle if you feel fulfillment in that area of life and closer to the middle of the circle if you feel that growth is needed in that realm. When you’re finished placing your “dots” where they should go, connect them in a circle form. If you get a full round circle, AMAZING! Your life is CRAZY COOL. If you have some dents in your circle, those are areas where attention is needed. I’m busy learning about a program to help clients grow those dents out and form big beautiful circles of love and fulfillment in their lives. And yes…the program will involve tons of PERSONAL GROWTH.

With Love and Light…Let’s stay in touch & be sure to let me know which areas of your life are currently dented and could use some holistic love. Send me an email!

Image borrowed with gratitude:  © Integrative Nutrition | Reprinted with permission