Remember my post a while back about leaving my 20 year career?  I am stepping into my new career full time in 2 days. In this life I’ve envisioned I will still work hard and solve problems and inspire and motivate and teach.  I will however, have the freedom to create a life I love with flexibility and time to be a MOM–which I’ve re-prioritized to the top of my list because I CAN.  I’ve learned that my skills from the world of education transfer beautifully to creating a strong team of people who also want to share the health benefits of essential oils in a way that changes LIVES.  I cannot wait to jump into my business with clarity and purpose and TIME.

My business went from zero to Platinum in 6 months. There were lots of factors that went into this including hard work, motivation and mentorship. But I have to tell you about one program I jumped into immediately.  It was SOCIAL DOWNLINE–run by Hayley Hobso. Hayley is a 7 figure earner and a ROCK STAR in our organization. She’s put her methodology into an 8 week online course that effectively teaches you HOW to start from zero and create your BRAND, find your VOICE and GROW your business.

Anyone who knows Hayley understands that her energy is boundless and she is one of the most dedicated and professional people I know of in network marketing.  She’s professional.  She’s my upline and I’m lucky to have her.  But what if you don’t have an expert to help you build your business?  What if your mentor isn’t one of the top 3 in your network marketing business (or another business???  It doesn’t even have to be network marketing.)?  What if you don’t know what to do?  Or what if you do have a rockstar mentor but you need more help and want to understand what to do next?

The Social Downline is your affordable solution.  If you’re going to build a business, you have to spend time and make an investment in yourself.  Be a professional.  Create a vision.  Have a plan.  Implement the plan.  You need to learn to educate people authentically and create a BRAND that shows the world why they should want to buy from you.  What makes YOU stand OUT from everyone else?  What makes you different?  You will learn to TARGET a specific audience on social media as well as valuable skills for presenting, contacting and informing your potential clients.

If you are ready to experience targeted growth in your business and you are willing to step up and become a student for 8 weeks, I encourage you to sign up for Hayley’s Social Downline class.  I would love for you to use my affiliate link!  I’m including it here:  SOCIAL DOWNLINE 2015.  If you sign up, I do receive compensation…so in the meantime, if you have questions, reach out to me at or find me on Facebook at K2 Essential Wellness.

If you’re just curious about how to start a network marketing business or you want to find out more about essential oils, I am happy to help with that too.