I’ve been thinking a lot lately about consumption. “Um, the disease?” a friend asked. “No, not the disease,” I laughed. “Consuming.”

But, yes, it’s a bit like a national disease that hits especially hard this time of year. Our thoughts are consumed with shopping till we drop… of exhaustion. Our minds are clouded with visions of sugarplums… or the 21st-century equivalents, perhaps cookie swaps?

Of course, shopping and eating can be totally healthy, happy, helpful activities—or quite the opposite, depending how they’re done or in what frame of mind. Food is fuel. And it’s more than that, too. It’s part of how humans celebrate. Preparing and serving food can show love. And so often we feel like we deserve a treat. We deserve a salted caramel latte cappuccino because we’re working so hard on completing our shopping. Or whatever we’re doing. We deserve it because it’s the weekend. Or because it’s not the weekend anymore. We find all sorts of reasons, until we don’t even need a reason anymore other than “this is what I do every day.”

My question this week is: What fills you?

I want to be filled with love, excitement, passion, knowledge, joy, peace, understanding…

Not with frosted sugar cookies with sprinkles.

Yes, I will eat, and I will bake a little, and I certainly hope you will too! But—this is an important distinction—not to fill an emotional void.

Do you know that feeling when you just need a little something? Call it the mid-afternoon slump, if you want, but it’s not about being genuinely hungry or thirsty but more about changing the mood.

It’s an emotional reset.

Essential oils can be a really simple (totally low-calorie) alternative to the emotional reset. Diffusing the oils is awesome, but if you’re on the go, you can use a roller bottle or a drop of oil in the palms of your hands. When I notice I’m off-kilter, I put a drop of Balance in my palms and inhale deeply, telling myself that my roots provide the stability I need to be flexible, calm, and grounded in life.

This is called an “aromatic anchor”—you’re giving your brain some new information through the compounds in the essential oil, and you’re anchoring that new information to an intention.

For example, you could use White Fir or Holiday Joy to get yourself in the holiday spirit. Or Frankincense for your meditation. Or Vetiver to remind yourself to focus on just one thing at a time rather than getting overwhelmed. Or apply Deep Blue before your daily workout and breathe deeply, telling yourself that your cells are receiving the energy and oxygen they need to get to work and dig in.

Before you know it, you’ll have established a routine—no salted caramel latte cappuccino required.

In Vibrance and Health,