At dōTERRA, we talk a lot about our “why”—why we do what we do, and why it matters. Lately, I’ve been thinking about my “why” and how it connects to what I studied as a biology major and how I spent 20 years as a high school biology teacher.

Though I’m no longer a biology teacher in an official sense, I continue to help people understand their own health on cellular level. If you’ve been following my blog long, you know that I advocate for a quarterly coached cleanse. I’m going to pop my biologist hat on to explain why this is part of what I consider a Wise Balance lifestyle.

Why cleanse?

The cleanse that I run is about (1) reducing the toxins entering the body, and (2) helping the bodily organs do their work in getting rid of toxins that have built up. You know how your computer slows down and you have to do a “cleanup” to make it run more efficiently? That’s what this quarterly cleanse does for the body—helps it to run more efficiently but limiting how much gunk comes in.

Each of us is made of about 37.2 trillion cells. Life at the cellular level is primarily about what goes in and what gets out. Your body is designed to naturally handle toxins. Your liver rids the body of hormones, synthetics and other toxins.

Your kidneys filter your body and help you to excrete impurities as well as excess water through urine. The digestive system, specifically the large intestine, helps move solid waste out of the body. Your skin removes toxins through sweat.

And your lungs remove carbon dioxide by exhaling. By reducing the amount of toxins entering the body and helping these organs do their jobs more efficiently, you can reduce your toxic load—the focus of my quarterly cleanses.

Reducing exposure to toxins

Living in today’s world means being exposed to some things the body was never designed to handle. Some of these toxins you can reasonably avoid—such as using natural cleansers rather than chemical-based cleanses—but some of it you simply can’t help. I recommend taking some of the workload off the body systems by limiting exposure where you can.

My quarterly cleanse includes clean eating. It’s NOT about going all raw or juicing for a month, and you don’t have to give up dairy or meat. It IS about eating more fruits and vegetables, eating organic foods, avoiding GMOs, and eating foods as close to possible to their natural state. The coached cleanse includes a 7-day sample diet that you can use as a model, if you choose. But really it’s as simple as eating natural foods in their natural state.

Helping the body get rid of toxins

The other half of my coached cleanse is about using supplements to support the body systems—including the liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin and lungs—in running more efficiently. This part of the cleanse is even easier than clean eating! We use dōTERRA’s Cleanse and Restore Kit.

This includes the Lifelong Vitality Pack of three supplements (multivitamin, omegas and cellular complex); Zendocrine® Complex and Zendocrine® Softgels (to support the liver, kidneys and lungs); DigestZen TerraZyme® (to help your body pull more nutrients from your food); GX Assist® (to help clean out impurities); DDR Prime® Softgels (to help maintain the integrity of healthy cell reproduction); Lemon essential oil (to add to water to help the body release impurities); and (during the last 10 days of the cleanse) PB Assist®+ (to help repopulate healthy bacteria in the gut).

Starting the new year with my coached cleanse

From a cellular biology level, my quarterly coached cleanse is a great way to start fresh in the new year. And, I assure you, you can totally do this cleanse and go to work and do your normal routine—just healthier. It’s pretty low-key.

I believe this time of year should be about giving. That’s why, rather than you paying me to get the coaching support with this cleanse, I want you to make a donation to a cause or charity that you find meaningful. Two organizations that I support are Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), which rescues children from human trafficking, and CANTER, which helps with adoption and retraining of retired race horses.

But you choose the charity and the amount—this is an on-your-honor thing. Then sign up for my coached cleanse using the coupon code WISEPHILANTHROPY to get the coaching support for free. I’ll help you purchase the supplies—the Cleanse and Restore Kit—at wholesale cost. The sooner you order the kit, the better, because my next coached cleanse starts January 7.

When it comes to this cleanse or to any new year’s resolution, don’t give up because you can’t do it perfectly for 30 days. Neither can I! Perfection is unrealistic. But, try it anyway. Do your best.

Here’s the link to sign up.

In Vibrance and Health,