You’ve struggled with health issues whether it’s been the ups and downs of seasonal threats or the rolling wave of winter weight shedding for bikini season.  Or maybe you’ve had a more serious health crisis and you’re on a holistic path already.  So how can you stay in the health “zone” where things feel great and your body is ROCKING at optimum performance?

Here’s the reality—it really stinks to need a “tune up” when the health breakdown you experience lands you out of the realm of self care and it involves doctor appointments, hospital visits or a lengthy recovery process.  Anyone who has had a serious illness, injury or chronic condition knows that the integration of prescriptions, physical therapy, doctor visits and potentially lengthy hospital stays can all tear you away from your life purpose and your vibrant self.

But doing life on the “daily” requires a lot and when self care and health rituals are not a part of your EVERY day routine, the reality is that you are more like a racecar than you probably want to be.  I know it’s kind of simplistic, but bear with me.  In the land of racing (which I’m barely familiar with), I envision this analogy.  You’re the hot car—and on your best days you are cruising at top speeds and cornering with rhythm.  You’ve got this handled…but there’s no time to stop for a tune up or a real meal-you are on the RUN!  And you literally have the pedal to the floor from the time you’re up in the wee hours of the morning until late at night keeping everything in your life in a juggle without letting a single ball hit the floor.  But then…something happens.  You have a tire blow out or your engine runs out of oil and freezes up or… (who knows?!  I know bodies better than cars!) but you get the picture—you have a crisis and what are you FORCED to do?

You get off the track into your pit area where your crew can assess the damage and quickly make repairs so you can get back out there and continue the race.   And you continue this until the race is over…car spent, engine blown, tires bald.  If your body is the car—and your driver is your energy (your soul…true self…etc.), in this analogy, the driver can get a new car, right?  But in real life, your energy can’t get a new body.

And look, to some extent I believe our bodies are here for our energy to take a ride in and we will eventually—for lack of a better explanation—wear them out.  Totally ok.  BUT…I want mine to be around for as long as my energy and soul want to hang out here and connect.

So here’s my point.

It takes daily maintenance in your LIFESTYLE to keep your body running in top condition so you can live vibrantly and bring your most powerful gifts to the world.

You either need to put the discipline and focus in on a daily basis…or you’re potentially going to spend a lot of your time in unscheduled meetings with your PIT CREW dealing and healing with health emergencies.

So, my question to you is—Are you ready to put daily energy into your health and wellness lifestyle?

What’s more difficult?  Doing life “healthy on the daily” or having a major breakdown that puts you out of the driver’s seat and into the waiting room?

When you’re ready to hit health consistently and stop the on again, off again inconsistent actions, I can help.  I’ve been there.  Let’s talk about YOUR sustainability and long term vibrancy.