Life…It doesn’t have to be perfect to work.

Have you heard the saying, “The magic is in the mess.”?

Are you one of those people who have a hard time working with imperfection?  I am.  I’m not proud to admit it, but the fact is, I struggle to work with something in disrepair whether it’s a relationship, a product or an intention.  I would much rather throw something out and start fresh than work with a problem.  But here’s the issue with that—sometimes you can’t throw “it” out and start over!

Last year I got really intrigued by crystals—like the ones from the Earth!  I bought an absolutely gorgeous one while I was at a conference and just fell in love with its look, energy and everything I imagined it stood for.  And I wore it while I was on vacation.  When I got home, I panicked!  There was a crack in my crystal!  I got all worked up about it.  Wouldn’t you?  It was expensive!  I obsessed…

What did the crack mean?

Would the crystal crack more?

Was it going to break in half?

Why had it cracked?

Was it poor quality?

I even went so far as to contact the store and the artisan who had crafted the necklace the crystal was part of.

And then my amazing friend Sara just calmly asked me, “What do you think the lesson is?  Do you think maybe you need to let go of perfection?”

And I had to reflect.  Sara was spot on.  In fact, the cracked crystal is now my symbol that I turn to to remind myself that despite imperfection, despite what we’ve all been through…despite the things that are really messed up…there is beauty, purpose and intention that we all carry with us.  And we CAN make progress despite the mess.

What’s your cracked crystal?  What struggles do you have with imperfection?  What can you look past to move forward in life?

Love yourself despite the mess…

Allow the cracks to be there in full vulnerability as you forge ahead anyway.

Don’t wait for things to be perfect to make a change or try something new.

Perfection doesn’t exist, it’s overrated and it’s not constant anyhow.

Here’s to finding the lesson…and not obsessing on the imperfections.

Cheers to  Health & Vibrance!