Most of you have “met” my horse, Charlie B. Good.

Now, it’s pretty easy to know what do with a cat and two dogs when moving. They just move with you. But a horse that is stabled away from home—that can be more difficult. And so, Charlie has been one of the most challenging pieces in our moving puzzle.

I so dearly want him to have the best care and only the best care. And that can be difficult to find. In a moment of frustration, I thought, Charlie would be happy in Florida with my mother, and I could re-enter the horse world sometime later. He would be well cared for, and it would be easy.

Then, the other day, when I felt like my whole world was in transition and I didn’t have the time for a good ride, I haltered Charlie and walked him to a field and sat with him while he munched on the grass.

That’s all—I just sat in the sun watching my horse eat, patted him a little, and walked him back to his stall. But it was so grounding! There was no pressure to “get things done.” And I couldn’t have been more contented.

And, I knew, of course I need to bring him with me. He’s my stress reliever!

When I had Reiki done a few years ago, I felt the energy you get from that experience, and that’s how I feel with my animals. I’ve been riding horses for 34 years. It centers me. And I can’t just eliminate that for some indeterminate period of time for the sake of convenience.

It is, despite its expense and the time it requires, at the core of my being.

What gives you energy? What recharges you?

In Vibrance & Health,