I was 18, accepted into college and vacillating over which major to choose:  Biology or English.  I liked both and couldn’t decide.  In the back of my mind I thought Biology would be more difficult so after I declared it as my major I changed it—before I even started my Freshman year–to English.  Then I had a conversation with my doctor who reminded me that either one would be difficult and I should choose the one that I felt would be more meaningful to me and you know…I changed back to Biology and “did the hard things”.

Flash forward 27 years and here I am recounting all the times I chose to do the “hard” things and there have been plenty.

But my perspective is so different now.  Because I truly see that when you’re living life, and you aren’t literally THRIVING, you owe it to yourself to re-evaluate and change gears or direction.  It’s not about choosing an easy path because every path will have it’s challenges.

Case in point–leaving my 20 year teaching career. . .

It’s super hard to build your own business.

It’s hard to wonder what others will think of your choices.

It’s hard to leave security and steady income.

It’s hard to let go of something that you’ve literally worked decades on…

It’s hard to move away from something you have expertise in and start anew.


It’s hard to stay in a job that doesn’t fit anymore.

It’s hard to leave your kid(s) in someone else’s care.

It’s hard to not have control of your schedule.

It’s hard to work in a room with no windows.

It’s hard to accept the loss of creativity that comes with working in a large system.

So which “hard” thing would you choose?  Ultimately I had to choose the path that created more vibrance in my life…right here at Wise Balance Lifestyle.

Here’s another great one…I’ve been putting off eating healthy for a while.  After a year of focusing on a move from Illinois to Iowa and adjusting to a new place, it’s time.  But here’s what I’ve learned:

It’s hard to be in a new space.

It’s hard to walk away from the chocolate when you want a little treat.

It’s hard to pass up a glass of wine after a long day without connecting.

It’s hard to deny myself the sugars, treats and yummy “quick satisfaction” that is so available.

It’s hard to have healthy meals planned and prepped.

It’s hard to stick to a plan.



It’s hard to be uncomfortable in your body.

It’s hard to feel sluggish.

It’s hard to have emotional ups and downs based on a sugar crash!

It’s hard to “not” fit into your clothes!

It’s hard to be a health coach that’s gained a few pounds!  😉

So which “hard things” would I rather do?  Well, I’ve cleaned up my eating and started to cook more whole, fresh foods for my entire family and it feels WAY less hard than ignoring my nutritional needs.

So my perspective these days?  Choose which “hard things” you want to do and go for it.  There is no “easy” button.  

What hard things have you avoided doing?  What change are you ready for?

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