It occurred to me as I was feeding the horses one morning–nature has been my portal for a very long time.

Have you ever felt really lost and frazzled?  Stressed?  Rushed?  I know I have.  And it’s never any fun to feel like you’ve lost connection–with your SELF.  To reconnect it’s as simple as getting into nature.  Well, that’s how it works for me …and I am willing to bet it will work for you too.  At our center is a primal need for all that comes from the Earth.  And when you take a minute to get barefoot in the grass or gaze into the night sky or even just pause to listen to your ponies munch on their hay–and breathe–you can reconnect with your SELF and gain clarity and calm.

What if you can’t get into nature at the moment?  You’re stuck behind a desk or you’re working the corporate life and you don’t get to see a blink of sunlight between arriving at work and dragging yourself back home after dark?  Or what if you just don’t have time for yourself right now?  You’re entrenched in all that is “being a mom” or you’ve dedicated yourself to a life of service through teaching or nursing?  Whatever the case, you CAN reconnect.  It’s as simple as using an essential oil–from nature–as your portal back to self.  The magic is in you–it’s not out “there”.  You’re a part of nature.  Every cell of your being is made from the atoms that arose in the stars.

Uncap your favorite essential oil.  Have a breath.  Reconnect–the magic is still there.

Need help finding that portal?  Reach out.  I love to connect with people too!