Since I was a kid, I’ve had a thing for horses.  There’s something about their energy and I can’t remember a time when they weren’t at the center of my world.  But I’m not a trainer, a veterinarian, an Olympic level competitor or  the owner of a large horse facility…all things I thought I had to have or be in order to work with them on a daily basis.

The truth is, it was my dream to work with horses as an adult–but when I went away to college, that niche seemed so unreasonable and out of reach for me, so I chose the path that seemed more secure and dependable instead.  Flash forward after 20 years of teaching high school biology and 3 years after starting my essential oils business and I’ve realized another dream– and my access to horses just widened up again.  The path to fulfillment at work isn’t a straight one!  My career has been crafted in a silly series of deep interests that have landed me here.  An undergraduate degree in biology and a Master’s in science education followed by two decades in science classrooms teaching high school students everything from photosynthesis to protein synthesis and genetics with a deep dive into cellular biology and then a crisp break from the world of education took me into the world of network marketing with doTERRA essential oils where I have been thriving ever since!  I LOVE a holistic approach to health that can be crafted through the use of these beautiful gifts from the EARTH.  And then, when I least expected it, I got the inspiration to bring PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency) with the Magna Wave to the equestrians & horses in the new area we moved to last year.  

Why PEMF?  Why Magna Wave?

My tagline is “Nourish Your Cells & Your SELF” and with the use of essential oils, we support health from the cells on up.  YOU are made of cells–they are the basis of your health and when they are healthy and functioning optimally so are you.  Essential oils bring new intelligence to your cells at the molecular level–where the substances can be assimilated to enhance wellness.  PEMF is a therapy that increases permeability of your cell membranes in order to bring oxygen and nutrients into the cell faster and more efficiently while removing wastes.  Establishing better overall cellular health by using these two approaches is a way to build a strong, functional base of health for the whole organism whether we are talking about humans or horses!  The two go hand in hand and honestly I could not think of a better marriage of two modalities.

I’ll be showcasing some of my work involving these two holistic options right here and on my facebook page:

Come and visit me here!  Ask questions….and if you find yourself looking for options for yourself or your ponies…let’s talk!  I love talking shop with fellow equestrians!

Want to know more about PEMF or are you thinking about getting a Magna Wave yourself?  I can help!

PS:  Working with horses…

Have you had that dream?  A passion you wanted to turn into an occupation but didn’t?  A desire to do what you loved for a living but thought you couldn’t?  It’s time.  You deserve to love your work.  You can do what you love and claim your right to happiness at work.  Email me at and we’ll chat.