We’ve got to stop expecting the medical community trained in Western medicine to promote holistic options.

Wait.  Did I just say that?  I did.

In this country, we train our doctors, nurses and medical staff in Western Medicine.  They receive little training in nutrition–not to mention little to no training in alternative modalities or holistic options like acupuncture, essential oils, meditation, etc.  So why do we keep expecting them to adopt these modalities and teach us about them?  It’s likely that people in the medical profession went there to truly serve others in a way that has worked for them.  They have probably had good experiences in their health with this standard medical system and feel good in it.  They probably have NOT been on the receiving end of side effects, misdiagnoses or frustration with an idiopathic condition!  And I believe the people who go into medicine do it with good intention and do truly want to help their patients.  But there’s more to health than your “standard” medical care.  YOU have to play a part if you want to have a healthy mind and body into your old age.

If you want to compress morbidity and NOT live on prescription drugs for the last quarter of your life then you have a role to play NOW.

Friends, it’s up to us. You have one body.  And if you want to feel your BEST and have the energy to do the awesome things you love to do in a way that brings you the most joy, then YOU have to step up and learn to manage your body in a way that best serves your SELF.

When you go to a standard medical office, you’re going to get standard medical care.  Blood tests to tell you if you’re within a certain “range”, prescriptions to react to your “ills” and if you have a good doctor, you’ll have an ear to listen to what ails you.  You might even get a little encouragement to take a multivitamin (without mention of the fact that a vitamin based on real, whole food is better than a synthetic).  You’re likely to check out just fine unless you have a glaring emergency or a situation that’s been brewing for a while.

If that’s working for you and you don’t want to live more proactively then  you have your answers and a system that works for you.  If you don’t mind the side effects of prescription drugs then continue down this standard path because that is your future–for most of us.

But IF our current system isn’t working for YOU or  If you don’t want to spend the last quarter of your life arranging pills into an organizer each week or if you aren’t feeling your best and you have a sense that something is just “off” or you know your body has felt better…I ask…what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to feel your best in your own skin?

Do you want to know what to do when you’ve just spent 4 hours flying on an aircraft with a coughing person behind you so you don’t get that nagging cough?

Would you enjoy feeling more empowered with your health?

Don’t keep waiting for our medical system to change.  You can change way faster than that.

I can help.

Want to talk holistic options?  I’m your girl.

Send me an email.  Let’s connect.  Krista@WiseBalanceLifestyle.com

I’ll be hanging out with my green smoothie waiting to hear from you!


In Vibrance & Health,