Oxygen in, Carbon Dioxide out.

What does this have to do with health?  Weight loss?  Yes!  I’m serious.  Breathing is healthy.

Have you ever wondered where the pounds lost actually GO?  I mean do they melt out?  Are they digested out and passed through the intestines?  Do those unwanted pounds exit through sweat glands or urine or do they just disappear into thin air?  Where do they go???

Here’s where my biology background comes in and I bet if you take a sec and relive Freshman biology you’ll have an epiphany too.  Weight loss requires healthy breathing.

Our cells use food in a metabolic process called cellular respiration.  During this reaction, food that has been broken down by our digestive system and delivered to cells by our blood stream combines with oxygen and undergoes a breakdown into carbon dioxide, water and useable energy called ATP.  All of this happens in tiny organelles in our cells called mitochondria.  This is how our cells perform daily activities and keep us up and runnning.  This is how the energy stored in food is converted to useable energy.

I’m keeping this super simple here.  But basically the point I want to get across is that when your body is in a position to release stored fat, it’s because you are not taking in enough food (whether it’s carbohydrates, proteins or lipids/fats) to meet your energy demands.  So you have either increased your energy demands by doing more physical activity or you have limited your intake of food (chemical energy) to a point where your body has to find some “reserves” to use.  The reserves your body has on hand can be tapped into –and as a side note this is why we want to keep our intake of protein up high enough–we don’t want our body to dig into our muscles for energy.  We want it to prefer to utilize stored fat.

Healthy fat loss occurs when our cells convert fat into energy using the process of cellular respiration.  What’s the product of that equation?  What do we end up with when the fat has been converted to energy?  The result is water and carbon dioxide.  Here’s the basic formula:

Macromolecules (protein, fat or carbohydrates) + Oxygen—–> Carbon Dioxide + Water + Energy for the cell to live

So…take some extra time today and do some deep breathing.  Expand your belly and let your ribs make more space for your hard working lungs.  Exhale out those pounds you’d like to release.  Who knew that fat could disappear right into thin air?!

In Vibrance & Health,


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