Oh my goodness! When I hear about all the people getting sick out there…I want to offer protection! I want to teach you how to stay healthy year round…to be naturally vibrant and energized!

It’s easier than wearing a gas mask around, I swear!

But it does take effort.
You’ll have to learn your body and how it feels BEFORE you’re about to get knocked down.
You must be willing to take action.
You cannot WAIT until you are lying in bed with a sore throat in misery to think that essential oils are your answer.

I’m not sick ==often. And when I am, it rarely lasts more than a day or two. But I’m ON IT when it comes to taking note of how I feel. And I incorporate powerful plants into my DAILY routine.

Is it different?

Well, yes, it’s different than how I grew up.


Not as time consuming as heading to the doctor every couple of months to get a prescription or hunting through the aisles of a drug store when I feel like crap for a solution!

I’m a “to the point” kind of girl…and I just can’t sugar coat anymore. If you want to start being WELL like…almost ALL the time. And if you want to cut through the mystical, fantastical reasons why you should be using essential oils (in your daily life) and get to the POINT…
I’m your girl!

Let’s chat. email me at Krista@WiseBalanceLifestyle.com

I’ll be honest and I’ll tell you what you need so you don’t have to worry if you’re set up or not. xoxo