Your body is not a car.
You can’t see a mechanic to replace parts when you wear them out.
We can’t separate the part from the whole. (Some would argue we can endure a transplant for certain organs. I urge you to talk with someone who has gone through that process if you think it’s a cake walk.)

You are— by nature— a holistic creature… one made up of cells that need nutrition and water and communication with each other. Those cells make up tissues and organs and organ systems that make up… YOUR body.

Everything you put into or onto your body either moves your health forward or harms you.

What direction are you moving your overall health?

My goal with all of this holistic action— nutrition, stress relief, fitness, reduction of overall toxic load— is to compress morbidity.

In other words… I want to live the most active, energized, fulfilled and healthy way possible until I decline in bodily health and pass on.

What I’m trying to avoid: years of prolonged illness, chronic conditions and painful, time consuming health conditions that drain energy, finances and opportunity from life.

Living holistically does take time to tune in. It does require you put your head into the game. It requires some different choices. It’s not auto pilot.

But living reactively and going with the standard options also has a cost.

You get to choose your lifestyle and approach to health. Where would you rather put your time and energy?

It’s a little like a budgeting plan isn’t it? Plan and save bit by bit to have a comfortable reserve available over time. Or… don’t give it a thought, and deal with uncomfortable consequences later.

While there are never any guarantees… I know that the holistic way brings me greater energy, emotional stability and vitality and it’s worth it to me.

How about you?
What path do you choose?

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