I absolutely love what essential oils can do for us– they work directly with our cells on a molecular level to bring better balance and overall function to our bodies.  But I have to get real with you because I’m transparent with my thoughts and I rarely hold back.  This lifestyle isn’t for the “lazy”.  You’ve got to be vigilant with your oils if you’re going to make a difference.  And that means regular use, a little at a time.

But let’s back up.  If you don’t get enough sleep and your diet is based on delivery and drive through’s, the oils are not going to up-level your life.  They’re just one component of a holistic lifestyle.  They’re not a “cure all” or a “magic bullet”.

Sooooo, when I see someone who says to me that they WANT to be more holistic and they want to be more healthy, energetic and ALIVE, I don’t sell them a single oil.  In fact, I don’t even talk about oils first.  This might sound counter-intuitive but I know that if someone wants real results they need to create a base of health through their nutrition.

So, I don’t even sell my coaching to them.  I don’t even try to make a sale.

Does this sound weird?

Keep in mind…I help women craft holistic lifestyles based on essential oils.  And I help them create options for health, time and financial abundance.  BUT IT DOESN’T START WITH OILS.  It starts with nourishing your CELLS and your SELF.  And the first thing I recommend is that you clean up your eating and get some free support from me as you learn how amazing you can feel when you put the right foods into your body.

I’m a big fan of Whole30 but I’m not a certified Whole 30 Coach.  I’ve just done it a bunch of times and I love to lead others through similar experiences so they can find out how to optimize their daily eating habits and fuel their bodies the way nature intended.  I AM a biologist and a certified holistic health coach and I LOVE to educate people about WHY they might want to consider moving grains, dairy, sugar, legumes, soy and alcohol out of their lives for a period of time.  I really enjoy talking about WHY…because when you understand that, you have a reason to move forward with purpose.

The Whole 30 foods target and promote:

  1. Healthy psychological response
  2. Healthy hormone balance
  3. Healthy gut flora
  4. Optimal immune function
  5. A reduction in chronic/unnecessary inflammation
  6. Optimal Wellness and a healthy relationship with food!

When you start with food you have a base of health that you can work off of and uplevel as you add other supports in.  Supports like essential oils, yoga, breathing and meditation, a connection with nature…and more.

Thinking of getting started on your holistic journey?  You’re going to eat food anyway, so why not join us and do our next Whole 30 together?  You can find out more here.