I used to teach high school and I remember the days of Spring like they were yesterday.  After Winter break we sailed through January with final exams and then February was dreary.  We waited for Spring Break and carried our selves right to edge of exhaustion in time to have a week off.  After Spring Break, it was all we could do to keep motivation levels up and to be “on” in the morning with only one cup of coffee.  There’s something about losing an hour of sleep with Daylight Savings Time in the spring and the promise of June, July and August right around the corner that mess with your body’s natural sleep cycles!  

What I’m saying is…I get it.  If you are tired, over-extended and in need of a mini vacation right now, it’s just that time of year.  And I don’t think it’s just the educators. Many of us have spent the Winter hibernating amidst the cold weather and snow and we are READY to reduce our stress levels and get revitalized!  

So, as a teacher I joke that I taught the 3R’s.  I didn’t…I mean, I taught science–biology to be exact.  But bear with me. During Summer Vacation each year, I found my creativity, hope and optimism ALL OVER AGAIN.  My stress MELTED away. By the time August rolled around, I was ready to do some serious school shopping again and I wanted to lesson plan and find out who was on my attendance roster!  I found my excitement EVERY Summer. So I’ve learned a bit about what it takes to reduce stress and get invigorated again. I’ve distilled what I refer to as the 6R’s of Summer Vacation and I’ve created a kick ass program that only takes 18 days of your flexible time to get results.  

What does that mean?

If you’ve been stressed out, over extended, emotionally spent and have lost your SELF in the daily routine….I’ve got a solution for you.  Join me in the Summer Simmer Series. You can participate from ANYWHERE and everything is time flexible. It will run from May 29-June 15 but it’s up to you when you access each video, worksheet and educational piece within that time frame.  18 days of SELF work and getting back in touch with YOUR internal compass so you can be your most vibrant, lively, happy self! And best of all, it is only $18. That’s $1 per day. You’re worth way more than that. Heck, gift a friend so you have a pal to walk through the process together!  

Are you ready for a “virtual” Summer Vacay?  Ready to be revitalized? You can register right here…http://www.wisebalancelifestyle.com/summer-simmer-series