Your Lifestyle Changes Begin Here

Do you want to experience health with a new level of awareness?

Are you craving more control of your emotions?

Wishing you could stay well more often even though you work in the public sector?

Want to experience better sleep without prescription sleep aids?

This and so much more is possible when you tune in to the natural balance of your body.

Essential oils do not cure or prevent disease.  They help your body maintain balance and a balanced body performs life functions more efficiently and effectively than one out of balance.

Even though I didn’t use holistic remedies and supports as a kid, I found that essential oils and their use became second nature once I had the 10 foundational oils and supplies on hand.

I coach you to access a kit of oils and then I connect you to a community, a crew of essential oil users who are just like you. 

They want to support wellness without side effects.  They want control of their health.

Are you willing to commit to yourself and think of your health as an investment instead of an expense?

Our healthcare system is broken.  It’s not set up to maintain health; it’s set up to screen for health issues and to dispense medication.

What are you doing on the front end of that to balance your body, maintain your health and be in the driver’s seat of your health care plan?  If you aren’t using essential oils yet, this is your chance to connect with the resources it takes to become an educated consumer.

Essential oils aren’t a fad, they’ve been around for centuries. These volatile aromatic compounds from plants, nature, can be used to

support your body more gently and naturally than synthetic compounds that potentially create side effects in your body.

For generations, there was a respected elder in each community who specialized in plant medicine and nature’s “magic”, but today we rely on standardized care within a medical field that is flawed and riddled with time constraints and exaggerated expenses.

If you want to be more in control of your wellness, it’s time to include knowledge of essential oils in your daily life.

What’s Included In A Wholesale Account:

When you get your wholesale account, you access the same savings I do.  25% off retail with the potential to earn free oils with loyalty orders.  No selling is required and you’ll be supported with access to free education.

The Plant Magic Masterclass:

Learn more about a holistic lifestyle, how YOU are plant adapted, alternatives for conventional solutions & how to start your holistic lifestyle without being overwhelmed or overspending.