“Creating options for health, time and abundance”.  That’s what I say I do. But what does that mean? I help women create these things…these amazing things in their own lives.  

Health is probably the most obvious one, right?  I’m a biologist and certified health coach…but what really resonates with me is when I help a woman step into being her own health advocate taking ACTION for herself and her family by nourishing her cells and her self.  It feels amazing to see women making more good food choices than bad (because nobody is perfect…but we can all move toward health in our own ways). And of course my favorite health support–essential oils–are a game changer.  And when I can help you open your own wholesale account and start using oils in a way your body WILL understand immediately your life will change. Using a drop of oil aromatically, topically or internally becomes intuitively simple for those who commit to taking steps to further their own learning (and yes, I provide many tips along the way–you are never alone if you don’t want to be).  Supporting every system of the body becomes second nature.

Time.  I’ve always had a sensitivity to time.  It’s precious. It’s a commodity we can’t create “more” of and we can’t get it back once we spend it…but we can get really creative about the ways we utilize it.  My essential oil business allows me to do things like travel with family–when I feel like it. I can be very present in my child’s life and adjust my schedule on MY terms without asking anyone for permission.  I’m able to put my priorities first. When I worked for someone else this was not the case…and I had no idea what kind of flexibility and freedom was possible with a business like this. (I didn’t even have this business on my radar–that’s a topic for another day.  Who knew???) One of the other ways I have been able to create options for my own time is by creating a spin off business that aligns with my oil business. I was able to fund the purchase of a machine that allows me to treat horses in a therapeutic manner so I could spend more time in the barn and less time in an office in order to generate income AND do something that fills my soul.

**And this is KEY.  You might not know WHAT you want to create in your new span of time that is generated when you start your essential oils business but the space will appear and you will have the opportunity to creatively fill it in a way that inspires YOU.  What could be better than living an INSPIRED LIFE?

Abundance.  Difficult to separate from time is the option for abundance.  By abundance I’m talking about earning power. Talk to me about careers in which you have total control of your earning power?  When you have your own essential oils business, you can earn whatever amount of money feels good to you. You are in charge of your own motivation and can set goals according to what feels good to you and you have the ability to align your daily actions with those intentions.  Sometimes in the beginning I see women limit themselves but when we connect to a community that sees abundance with us, new possibilities become visible. This is where the magic lives. What could you do with an extra $500 per month? $5,000? $15,000?

When we become business partners, you own your business and I serve as a resource to help you.  My coaching to you is a gift.

What options will you begin to create?

I didn’t even know what some of my options were when I started…you don’t have to know yet either–just take the first step to let the rest begin to unfold.  The beginning of your journey is already waiting…

I would love to talk to you about the possibilities!  Message me at Krista@WiseBalanceLifestyle.com and we will begin the conversation.  xo