Have you ever gotten such a great deal on something that you COULD. NOT. WAIT. to share all the details with your friends? A pair of shoes? An awesome deal at your favorite online clothing store? Or maybe it was someplace you just love to dine…? What I know is that when we find things that work for us, we rave about them…we get excited and we share those things and the details with people who are just like us–our friends and family and our social networks.

When I started my business with essential oils approximately 4 years ago, I had no idea that I would be able to leave my six figure salary as a teacher behind me–but that’s exactly what happened. And it’s because of the experience I had with the products I now know and love to be doTERRA. Simply put–when I started, I purchased the biggest kit I could afford and started using the oils and the oil infused products and they worked.

They did everything I expected them to do …and more.

And I told everyone I knew how excited I was about my new business and I listened to them when they told me what health challenges they were struggling with. I heard them when they said that more sleep was needed or they were stressed…or that they needed natural solutions to support muscle soreness from their tough workouts. And if they gave me the green light–and wanted to try essential oils, I helped them get their own account so they could save money –and pay the same great prices I did on the products I was raving about.

I created relationships with other women who told me that they too wanted to generate more earning power in their lives–they wanted to create options for health, time and financial abundance. They wanted to have the freedom that a healthy, abundant income provides and I began teaching them how to set up their own essential oils business without the hassle of stocking inventory or buying unnecessary products. Basically, I helped women learn to streamline their business purchases so they could generate an income that supported their health and wellness while also generating a profit.

Selling has never been “natural” for me. But teaching is. And creating collaborative partnerships with intelligent women who are upleveling their quality of life is exciting! Seeing others succeed and surpass goals they have set is incredibly rewarding. Showing others the value of a product and educating them on the benefits it can provide while offering the opportunity to purchase it at a wholesale price is the key to building a business that grows and is sustainable for the long term.

So it’s taken me almost 4 years…but the half a million dollars in product that flows into the hands of customers worldwide because of the partnerships in my organization brings a sense of satisfaction and purpose…a fulfilling endeavor that supports health while also providing financial freedom…

Now I’m taking the opportunity to share everything I’ve learned in my 4 years with my newest business partners and customers so that you can learn to incorporate essential oils and essential oil infused products into your daily life to create options for health, time and financial abundance in a way that suits you!