You Are Here For A Reason.

Could it be synchronicity? It’s time to; Create greater health. Use your time in a way that aligns with your priorities. Generate financial abundance.

It all starts with one step:

It costs money to start a business,  But this business is without risk.

Make the investment in your health and feel the rewards in your life.

My Story

What if it was possible to leverage a holistic lifestyle with new ways to work and generate income?

This is the thought I had after I’d been teaching high school for almost 20 years.

Although I had the career, family and life that everyone dreams of from the outside, I was constantly in conflict with my own priorities.

Experiencing a deep lack of fulfillment, I knew my teaching career was not sustainable and I literally stumbled into network marketing.

I use the time in my day to work in ways I love with a crew of health minded friends while also being present for my family and the fun interests I am passionate about.

Are you in alignment with your priorities?

Do you love how you spend your days?

Can you envision what your life would look like with more options?

Are you ready to make a change?


How Do I Support Women?

I am a fierce supporter of women and their right to freedom.

What kind of freedom  do you want to feel?

What choices do you want to create in your life?

Once you start your account through me (be sure that my Wellness Advocate number is in the enroller and sponsor section:  1276673)

I will reach out to you to welcome you and help you access your free business training.

You’ll have access to me for guidance and mentoring and you’ll become part of our essential oils crew, a group of like minded, wellness oriented women who want to make an impact while building long term health.

Keep in mind that when you start your account, you can start for as little as $35 with no product or with the largest kit (more than $2,000.00; the Diamond Kit). It’s a one time purchase and it’s a tax deduction since it is a business expense.

I recommend starting with the largest kit you feel comfortable with.

Let’s Talk. Reach out to me at


Once you start your business, you’ll need to place a monthly order but the products you order will be the ones you use regularly; Face Care, Supplements, Spa Items and Essential Oils

I’ll help you determine what makes the most sense and you’ll find what works for you over time–every month’s order can be different.

Where else can your run a business for just over $100 per month?

The Plant Magic Masterclass:

Learn more about a holistic lifestyle, how YOU are plant adapted, alternatives for conventional solutions & how to start your holistic lifestyle without being overwhelmed or overspending.