You Are Here For A Reason.

Could it be synchronicity? It’s time to; Create greater health. Use your time in a way that aligns with your priorities. Generate financial abundance.

It all starts with one step:

It costs money to start a business,  But this business is without risk.

Make the investment in your health and feel the rewards in your life.

Once you start your account through me (be sure that my Wellness Advocate number is in the enroller and sponsor section:  1276673)

I will reach out to you to welcome you and help you access your free business training.

You’ll have access to me for guidance and mentoring and you’ll become part of our essential oils crew, a group of like minded, wellness oriented women who want to make an impact while building long term health.

Keep in mind that when you start your account, you can start for as little as $35 with no product or with the largest kit (more than $2,000.00; the Diamond Kit). It’s a one time purchase and it’s a tax deduction since it is a business expense.

I recommend starting with the largest kit you feel comfortable with.

Let’s Talk. Reach out to me at


When You Join My Crew, You Create:




Once you start your business, you’ll need to place a monthly order but the products you order will be the ones you use regularly; Face Care, Supplements, Spa Items and Essential Oils

I’ll help you determine what makes the most sense and you’ll find what works for you over time–every month’s order can be different.

Where else can your run a business for just over $100 per month?

Women I’ve Empowered

Krista’s guidance in the use of dōTERRA Essential Oils helps me live a healthier life. What started as an experiment nearly three years ago has become part of my daily routine. I use dōTERRA’s Essential Oils in my cooking, my cleaning and my laundry. I diffuse the oils at home to lift my mood, energize me, help me focus, help me breathe (year round allergies/asthma), and to help me sleep more peacefully. I am 100% 100% certain that by using a combination of oils, I have had the two healthiest, nearly antibiotic free school years of my life. As a teacher, parent, asthma sufferer, and year-round allergy sufferer, I typically experienced at least four to six doctor visits a year due to severe colds, sinus infections and bronchitis that required antibiotics. Over the past two years, as a direct result of increasing my physical activity and using essential oils daily, I cannot remember the last time I was prescribed an antibiotic. Thank you, Krista, for introducing me to dōTERRA Essential Oils almost three years ago, always being there to answer my questions and inspiring me to take a more active role.

– H. H.

I’ve had a lot of health struggles. dōTERRA oils helped me through some, and other times Krista advised me against some. I always appreciate her honesty and her input. She’s a woman of poise and professionalism I trust with my health.


– K. L.

Krista is the most knowledgeable essential oil wellness expert I’ve ever met! Because of her, I started using essential oils, and love reducing my family’s reliance on artificial products!


– J. V.

Get Those Out Of My House. Take control of your physical and emotional health! Get my free worksheet that helps you transition to a life with reduced toxic load.

Get Those Out Of My House. Take control of your physical and emotional health! Get my free worksheet that helps you transition to a life with reduced toxic load.