Big news! I’m the middle of selling one home, purchasing another, and—you guessed it!—moving.

You know when you have to have something down RIGHT NOW, and it’s all on you, no one is going to pitch in? I got a call that there was a house showing in two hours. TWO HOURS to clear away all clutter, wash dishes, wash floors, put away the laundry, get the cat litter out of the house… heck, get the CAT out of the house, and the dogs, and the kid, all at dinner time. And so I found myself at California Pizza Kitchen, crazed, with a carload of animals. Later, I heard that the showing was for a curious neighbor with no imminent plans to buy or sell property. Seriously. She should have just stopped by for coffee and looked around!

There’s an awful lot to arrange, schedule, schlep, sell, donate, and—basically—do at a time like this. I’m the one doing it. It reminds me of holidays growing up when my mom had a gazillion tasks to get through, and there wasn’t all that much that anyone of us could do to help her. Because it was her role. These days, with my husband working full time while working toward an MBA (what a guy!), coordinating the move is my role.

Those of you who are involved with dōTERRA have an idea of what a huge milestone it was when two months ago I reached the rank of Diamond. But then the following month, despite my best efforts, I didn’t reach it. Now, you have to understand that I’m a pusher, and normally I would be ALL about getting back to Diamond.

But, right now, wherever I land rank-wise, that’s going to be okay.

You see, I started in this business because of the flexible lifestyle and the freedom it gives me to be present for important aspects of life—like my family, my health, my animals… and, right now, this whole buying, selling, and moving operation.

Getting us from one home to another isn’t blocking me from achieving a goal, because, right now, getting us from one home to the other IS the goal.

Ultimately, what I love about dōTERRA is that it’s not about the rank or even about the money, as much as I appreciate bonuses, residual income, and leadership shares. It’s not even about the products, even though I will use them for the rest of my life. It’s about having the flexibility to put my time and energy wherever needs it the most at any one hour, day, or month. This month, while I’m still supporting everyone related to my business, I’m really pushing on the home front. And when the dust has settled—or been obliterated, in crazed power-cleaning style—I’ll be pushing toward Diamond again. It’ll be waiting for me!

In Vibrance & Health,