Why would I leave a six figure income to start a business in network marketing? (buckle up…this post might get long!)

I didn’t even know what network marketing was when I opened my account with dōTERRA! It was completely off my radar. As a teacher, I had always banked on the fact that I had an undergraduate degree in biology, a master’s degree in secondary education and 60 graduate level credit hours in science and education beyond that AND I believed I would always utilizethe education I had earned in order to earn a living.

But after I became a mom, I realized that my career path wasn’t sustainable for ME. I missed my own kid, I wasn’t thriving AND the system had gotten increasingly complex and ineffective. Plus, I was tired of teaching in a classroom without windows (important sidebar). Oh how I love the outdoors!

Initially my entrepreneurial venture was just an escape. It was a way for me to exit teaching and move on to something new. But over time it’s uncovered some critically important facets of my personality including my independent streak, a need to express my creativity and the strong belief in other women and their capacity to thrive.

I am a fierce supporter of women and their right to freedom. What kinds of freedom am I talking about?

Freedom to live a life they love.
Freedom to be home with kids or work as they see fit.
Freedom to pursue a passion.
Freedom to be ALIVE with happiness.
Freedom to make an impulse purchase.
Freedom to provide for themselves and if they have kids–for them too!
Freedom to take time to do the things they love without guilt.
Freedom to be a WHOLE human being.

Having a hobby–for my entire life–that wasn’t always super affordable has always lit a fire for me–a fire to achieve and to earn. Earning power does play a part in a woman’s freedom.

And one of the things I absolutely love about my business is that I am free to inspire and empower other women to pursue what lights them up–and to help them earn the income they need to facilitate their own dreams and adventures in life–NO Limits!

So what lights you up? What would you have more of in your life if you could “afford” it. Is it time? Is it a “thing” or an “experience”?

I’d love to help you find your freedom! xo