I spent the first 20 years of my professional life as a high school biology teacher in a far northwest suburb of Chicago and my primary interests have always included a love of the outdoors and an appreciation for nature, ecology and the way in which we interact with the plants and animals of the world.  So when I began my walk as a holistic entrepreneur it came as no surprise to anyone that I spent a lot of time researching the essential oil brand I would align with. Although I had used essential oils for 10 years before beginning my business, I hadn’t found a company that represented the values of sustainability, purity and effectiveness that I found in dōTERRA.

One of the reasons I became a teacher was because of the impact I could have in helping others reach their full potential and when I saw the way that dōTERRA sourced oils using what they call a “co-impact” model, I knew that the philanthropic component of this beautiful company would align with my spirit and with my need for a service oriented approach.  Even in college I had been the national president of a service society so when I saw that dōTERRA places a high value on partnerships and helping those in impoverished countries to maximize their earning potential through proper harvesting techniques and paying a fair price to the farmers instead of buying up all of the farms and owning them outright, I had more confirmation that the heart of the company was in the right place.

In addition, sustainable farming techniques are used and the avoidance of overharvesting — especially in the collection of resin in the case of frankincense where mature trees can be harmed by overzealous harvesters is something I respect so much.  Keeping our eye on the future of the supply of essential oils instead of being short sighted is imperative as the general public becomes more aware of the health potential that these oils generate with regular use.

Finally…the business model and compensation plan are designed to promote teamwork and collaboration with others which has been an incredible light and welcome shift in the way I view the workplace.  When my team members and business partners flourish, I have the opportunity to grow my business and this is a beautiful way that we are able to mimic the symbiotic, mutualistic relationships that can be observed in nature.

Understanding the testing methods and the thorough manner in which each batch of oils is ensured to be of the highest quality has been incredibly reassuring to me as a business owner.  When I share my enthusiasm and education around oils it is in light of the results I’ve experienced or those that others have. So when new customers begin their journey, I know that they too are assured of the same purity and results I’ve seen time after time.  I could not share my enthusiasm for these oils if the purity was questionable because the results would not compare and disappointment would follow. One of the ways that dōTERRA ensures a quality experience for all customers is through the Source To You site https://sourcetoyou.com/   This is where purity and testing can be viewed for each lot of oils–and the identification number is located right on the bottle you hold.

It’s the science behind these oils that led me–a biologist–to trust dōTERRA as the company I could align with.  And the integrity of the company as they lay the foundation for expanding holistic health to every household is of paramount importance as well.  I could not partner with anything of a lower quality in good conscience.