You know that “best girlfriend” you have that just “gets” you?  Or the group of friends that you always feel welcome with and never have to explain your choices to?  It’s the BEST feeling of belonging when you find a group that shares your passion and understands at a deeper level what you’re all about.

When I was leaving my previous career–I felt a bit off center–I didn’t belong and I wasn’t the office “favorite” at all.  So when I found my “tribe” in my essential oils business it was an amazing relief. I was welcomed, celebrated and embraced like never before–and that is exactly how I want other women to feel when they join our team!  We ALL need support and understanding–belonging at a core level.

I’ll never forget the first training I attended just a couple of months after starting my business.  It was a training that I flew to and stayed in a hotel for. Totally out of my comfort zone! In my previous career as a teacher I rarely had the opportunity to fly to a new place, stay in a hotel and expense my meals!!!  But this was my new business and I was determined to get as much training as I possibly could. So I signed up and wondered what on Earth I’d gotten myself into. My mind ran rampant:

“Were these people really the health freaks that they seemed to be?” (kind of …)

“Could these people even be normal???”  (What’s normal??? But yes…they are!)

“Is this even a real business model?” (To my surprise…YES!)

“Will I even fit in?”  (ABSOLUTELY)

The women (and a few men) that I’ve met who have also started their entrepreneurial adventures with dōTERRA are like minded–well rounded–good intentioned people with integrity and creativity oozing out their ears!  I’ve been amazed at the partnerships, friendships and collaborations that have formed and would not trade them! Some of the people I’ve met who aren’t even on my direct team are dear friends of mine now. There is a comfort in belonging and understanding that we have a deeper understanding of health and wellness and the intention of truly helping others find their niche in life and in business.

I’ve visited Colorado, California, Florida, Utah and Wisconsin just to name a few …and in each place I’ve had the opportunity to meet up with and bond with women who have become not just business partners but true friends.

Now that I know how it can feel to belong, I crave that for others.  Have you found your tribe? We share a vision for abundance and creating options for health, time and financial freedom…but how you express yourself and your strengths is the individuality you bring to the table for YOUR business!

I’d love to talk with you…maybe you are our next sister in health?